Founder Story Session with Ayush Jaiswal, Co-founder at Pesto Tech for Acceleration Program on 16th May, 2019


On 16th May, 2019, we hosted an insightful Founder Story session with Ayush Jaiswal, Co-founder at Pesto Tech. Drawing from his experience, Ayush talked about how to achieve a product market fit and build a successful business. He also spoke about scalability issues faced by entrepreneurs and how they should be addressed to build a sustainable business. In a conversation about experience, Ayush said, “Good VCs fund third-time entrepreneurs”, emphasizing on the need for persistence and resilience.

The session was attended by startups part of the current Acceleration program by UIncept. Learn more about them here.

About Ayush Jaiswal

Ayush is a young entrepreneur passionate about building businesses that have a positive impact on society. He is bullish about new tech disrupting traditional industries and enjoys challenging the status quo.

He co-founded Pesto Tech with Andrew Linfoot, and is on a mission to turn global software engineering wages into meritocracy. Pesto Tech focusses on upskilling India’s 5 million software engineers and pairing them with the world’s leading tech companies.

Himanshu Bhalla