are you a solopreneur and Looking for a fully managed space to set up your own office, in Gurugram?

Work with us at UIncept UNIclub


Sector 66, Gurugram

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Located at Sector 66 Gurugram, UNIclub is a fully-serviced, plug-and-play office, where you share space with driven solopreneurs, consultants, and have access to unparalleled technology and infrastructure.

If you work alone (or with a smaller, remote team), UNIclub is the perfect space for you to work and host your client meetings.

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Don’t like boring offices? Nor do we! Keeping up with the vibe and pace of the new age entrepreneurs we have designed an office space that caters to all needs of millennial entrepreneurs.

About UIncept

Spread across 12,000 sq. ft., the UIncept UNIclub is a place where you work, grow, foster ideas, also have fun once in a while! The campus is fully equipped to get you started with your work. Here, you get a fully managed office space, with world-class infrastructure, professional meeting room, best in class video conferencing facility, a 40-seater auditorium, and a well-appointed event area. You could be a designer, architect, engineer, inventor, consultant or a startup looking to grow, we’ve got everything you need to have for your swanky business address.


UIncept UNIclub Exclusive

Wondering if UIncept UNIclub is the perfect place for you to work? Consider our exclusive offerings according to your requirement when weighing your options


Select a plan that best suits your requirements

  Hustler Planner Go-Getter
Quarterly Pricing INR 30,000 + GST INR 42,OOO + GST INR 60,000 + GST 
Flexi/Hot Desk 1 Flexi x Daily Access 1 Flexi x Daily Access 1 Hot Desk x Daily Access
Conference Room 1 Hour Per Month 2 Hours Per Month  4 Hours Per Month
Calling Booth 1 Hour Per Month  4 Hours Per Month 6 Hours Per Month
Bunk Beds 2 Hours Per month 4 Hours Per Month 6 Hours Per Month
Gaming Zone Access No Yes Yes
Lounge Access  Yes Yes Yes
Internet/WiFi Yes Yes Yes
Printer/Scanner/ Photocopier Limited Limited Limited

Special Services Hustler Planner Go Getter
Freelancers’ Social Events Access Yes Yes Yes
Library Yes Yes Yes
3D Printers Not Applicable 1 Complimentary Print 2 Complimentary Prints
Classroom Access No 1 Time For 4 Hours 4 Times For 4 Hours
Ideation Labs 1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours
Subject to approval

Additional Partner Benefits for Annual Membership Subscription and an additional 10% discount
AWS Cloud Credits for 1 Year USD 500
Messages (Msg91) for 6 Months INR 12500
Cloud Telephony (MyOperator) 6 Months INR 22500
Special Rates on IP Registration LexOrbis 25% OFF
1 day Event Space* 1 time in a year for 80 people
PayU Payment Gateway for payment transactions Upto Rs 5,00,000 transactions or 1 year whichever is earlier

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Address: 10th Floor, M3M cosmopolitan, Badshahpur, Sector 66, Gurugram,
Haryana - 122002, India

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Phone: +91 844818955