Pitch Day 2019 | First Cohort of UIncept Acceleration Program

What can six months of laser-focus hard work and expert mentorship get you?

For starters, it can get you years ahead on your business idea, give you unmatched entrepreneurial skills, and when the vision and timing are right- it can get you funding to cushion, launch, and scale up your business beyond imagination.

One of the most important days in an entrepreneur’s life- a day that decides the fate of their ideas- the first investor pitch is a prominent highlight of every founder’s career.

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Aug 31 - UIncept Pitch Day 2019

The Pitch Day at UIncept on 31st August was crucial for the first cohort of our six-month Acceleration Program as they stood in front of investors pitching their ideas. Nervous, inspired, and confident in their vision, our 8 startups presented their business to venture capitalists, angel investors, and fund managers of prominent Venture Capitals.

Spread broadly across the EdTech domain, the startups brought tech-integrated, next-gen solutions to pressing problems in the education sector.

Each startup was given a total of 15 minutes to present their idea including a Q/A round with investors followed by one-on-one meetings with investors at the conclusion of all eight pitches.

With all the buzz and excitement around the future of their ideas, the pitch day left our cofounders and teams believing in themselves a little more.

What really happened? 

The event started with networking amongst investors over coffee. 

Once pitching began, there was no looking back. A rush of entrepreneurial energy and excitement took over as all eight of our startups got their decks and demos in place to wow the investors.

We started with Perspectico, a bulk recruitment and assessments solution powered by AI to give recruiters a seamless hiring experience.

Skill in a Box pitched for their STEM+ DIY Kits to the investors supported by a product demo. STEM+ is a category introduced by Skillinabox to bring about STEM education to all people of the society by helping them get their "Learnings to Life" around technologies such as IoT, Security and Sustainability.

PrepBytes came in with their business plan of Helping Engineering students to be better prepared for real-life Coding and problem-solving skills which will lead to better placements.


Next, Hopin, a peer to peer content sharing platform for university notes and education material, pitched their business of simplifying higher education to investors.

Next up, Eventbeep, a college event platform that enables students to find and attend events beyond their own college and circle pitched their idea to investors. 

After that, Precisely, a platform for college students to find and grab opportunities like scholarships, internships, and projects across borders pitched their venture.

Another startup trying to bridge the gap between what’s taught in schools and the skills needed to succeed in real-life- Alo presented its idea to investors, Alo uses experiential learning solutions for kids.

Finally, EdHusk- a comprehensive platform to find home tutors and learn skills across a broad spectrum from education to personality development and hobbies- pitched their vision to the investors.

After almost four hours of pitching and meetings with investors, our founders came through with insights, industry knowledge, and feedback from experts.

Mr Manish Gupta said, “This is not the end of the acceleration program, but the beginning of a new journey for all our startups. This is a lifetime partnership where we keep mentoring these startups and connect them with investors throughout their life cycle. When we said we were in this for the long term, we meant it.”


Who was there? 

Here’s the who’s who we witnessed at the 2019 pitch day:

Abhishek Hegde, NSDC
Ashu Agrawal, Founders Institute
Bhavesh Gulia, YourNest
Divya Gajria, FICCI
Gopal Shukla, Ah! Ventures
Mayank Batheja, Credenc 
Mukesh Malik, Ah!Ventures
Namita Dalmia, Omidyar Network
Nikhil Gupta, Startup India
Rahul Yadava, Angel Investor
Rohit Jalan, Times Group

Sajith Pai, Blume Ventures
Sandro Stephen, IAN
Saurabh Chopra, Central Square Foundation
Sorabh Agrawal, Angel Investor
Tarang Gupta, Invest India
Umang Kumar, Gaadi.com
Vandana Bhatnagar, NSDC
Venus Dhuria, AppyHigh
Vikas Gupta, Imaginitiate
Roli Gupta, NSDC

Let’s Talk Investments

While we celebrate the six-month journey of hard work and concrete, measurable growth- some stories stand out and stand the test of time. Three of our eight startups, PrepBytes, Precisely and Perspectico secured funding from UIncept, for an undisclosed amount and have already devised plans of strategic growth.

What next? 

Our startups are currently undergoing their final stages of closing initial investments after undergoing rigorous due diligence being done at the investor’s end. We will keep you updated on more information on closures. 

This was the first cohort of our 6-month Acceleration Program coming to a closure and we're kickstarting our second season from 15th September 2019. Know more here.  

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