Relationships cost more than money right! And yet we have become experts in minting money but are a pauper when it comes to cultivating a deep, authentic, compassionate, orgasmic relationship with the self and our better half. RedWomb aims to solve this conundrum by enabling people to delve deeper into their spirit, ask difficult questions, embrace compassion, truth and humanity. Our courses, workshops, and expert sessions enlighten people about taboo subjects of intimacy and sexuality that are potentially the source of great pleasure and yet have become a source of great pain in the aftermath of social and cultural repression. Come! Let's start our journey of heartful togetherness.

Founder Pallavi Barnwal


Startup Milestones

Since inception we have received limitless love of over 10000 users who talk their heart about all the pressing problems in their intimate relationships. We have organized 15+ intimacy workshops, clocked over 1000 hours of counseling, viewed on YouTube  15000 times. We have partnered with some of the leading brands in sexual wellness and hospitality space, Oyo Rooms, IMBesharam, Peesafe.