It takes a lot of courage and commitment to build a startup, and we strongly believe in ideas that can change the world. As we see startups grow and reach new heights in our acceleration programs, we are taking the opportunity to interview them and gain an insight into what drives them. 

Today, we are in conversation with Mamta and Aditya, the founders of ‘PrepBytes’.  (Accelerated by UIncept in the 2019 cohort.)

Could you tell us more about PrepBytes and how did it happen?

PrepBytes started when both of us were working in core tech fields in some of the biggest companies and saw a huge gap between the employability of graduates and the job requirements tech giants had.

The available jobs required sophisticated practical skills and students usually did not have them. This led to a lot of openings vacant in companies and a lot of students unemployed after graduation. 

We decided to create a platform to train these students in real-life skills including technical skills and software. PrepBytes helps students gain fundamental computer knowledge and improve their problem-solving skills.

Today, we have almost 300 students enrolled for training in various tech, software, and IT skills.

How does PrepBytes solve a bigger problem for its audience?

The biggest problem that we are solving is unemployability.

PrepBytes provides students with knowledge beyond their theory and curriculum. It also solves the problem of one-size-fits-all education in the country. We give personalised training to each student basis their aptitude and goals. 

This has helped us train students to become more employable by imparting real-life practical skills.

How did you get introduced to UIncept?

We got to know about UIncept through the Startup India website. We found out about the accelerator program and found it very comprehensive. Once we thoroughly understood the program, we filled out the application and it’s been a great decision for PrepBytes to work with UIncept.

How has your journey at UIncept been?

It has been great. UIncept has played many pivotal roles for us. It has been an enlightening journey for us. We have grown considerably and their resources, mentorship, and events have helped us grow. 

Their program is thorough and covers all aspects of entrepreneurship, and that is what has helped us accelerate at this speed. Before coming to UIncept, we only had a handful of students but now our growth is almost 300 times that. 

Their networks and infrastructure are also great! 


How do you think your business model has evolved after being a part of the acceleration program?

I think UIncept has given PrepBytes a more structured approach towards entrepreneurship. When we initially came in, our business model was not strong; most of the work was done by us and we had trouble delegating the work. 

After coming here, we were able to trust someone else with our startup because UIncept has excellent coders, designers, and mentors.

Is there a highlight of the program that has specifically helped your business?

Their support is unmatched. UIncept will go out of its way to identify what each startup needs and strive to provide that to the best of their ability. 

They believe in a very personalised approach and treat each startup independently. There is no homogeneity in the way startups are treated. All businesses need different expertise and UIncept understands that very well.

Everyone on the team is very helpful and if the startups need anything, they provide it. For us, initially, we had trouble hiring and retaining employees because we did not have a great office. Once we moved into the UIncept campus, hiring has become so much easier for us.

Not just this, we were also able to leverage Manish Sir’s network in the education sector to make genuine contacts and help people.

What kind of events have you been attending at UIncept?

We have attended founder story sessions, pitch days, digital marketing workshops, workshops on social media, one-on-one sessions with many experts across domains and these are just to name a few!

Events are revolving around core business like product strategy or pricing strategy, and there are events on motivation and entrepreneurial success! There is something for everyone.

Would you recommend other startups to be a part of the UIncept accelerator program?

Yes, definitely! 

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Himanshu Bhalla