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It takes a lot of courage and commitment to build a startup, and we strongly believe in ideas that can change the world. As we see startups grow and reach new heights in our acceleration programs, we are taking the opportunity to interview them and gain an insight into what drives them. 

Today, we are in conversation with Himanshu, the co-founder of Resolver India. (Invested in by UIncept in 2016.)

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How did Resolver happen?

We have been working in the legal-tech field for a very long time. Almost everyone has a consumer complaint and the challenge is that people have too many non-effective ways to get it resolved. You can use social media but how many social media complaints can a company reply to? Resolver's tool is the most comprehensive way to raise and effectively resolve a complaint.

We wanted to target a legal niche which helps consumers resolve complaints automatically and it also has the potential to scale. While on this pursuit, our board of Director, Mr Nigel Eastwood, who we met through Mr Manish Gupta connected us with Resolver and suggested that we work together. It made complete sense. They have built their technology over the last 5 years and have processes that they have set up over the years - all of which are very valuable to us. 

What bigger problem is it solving for the audiences you're catering to?

Resolver tackles a huge need in the ecosystem. 

Very simply put, we help consumers through the whole cycle of a complaint. Starting from educating them about their rights on their specific issue, we manage expectations and tell them what they can claim and what they can't. We then help them draft a complaint email automatically and then send it to the correct person in the company which they have complained against.

In regulated sectors like banking and insurance, we even help consumers escalate the complaint to the ombudsman.

How did you get in touch with UIncept and Mr Gupta?

We met Mr Gupta at an event that UIncept hosted in 2016. We applied for a seed round funding and after a series of meetings, Mr Gupta came on board and invested in us. 

What was your team size before getting in touch with UIncept and how have you grown? 

Our team size in 2016 was 2. We are 15 now and still heavily believe in keeping a team lean.

How do you think UIncept was instrumental in your growth?

The best thing with UIncept is that it's extremely easy to approach. We have been directly in touch with Mr Gupta as well and it's very easy to pick up the phone and call him for help. He has always entertained our calls and this is one of the best qualities in an investor.

Another great thing we are thankful for is the great network that gets unlocked when you get into UIncept. It was through Mr Gupta that we met Mr Nigel Eastwood(Former CEO Newcall Telecom) and only through the help of these two gentlemen have we reached where we are. 

How do you think is UIncept still in touch with you and help you in growth?

I think the biggest thing about UIncept is that it does not interfere in your work. But it's there if you need help. So, we have turned to UIncept for help with hiring and marketing many a time and the process has been super smooth and supportive. They deal with many companies and have gathered knowledge and expertise through these interactions - which startups like us, can leverage. 

What kind of events have you been attending at UIncept?

We like the founder story and leadership events that UIncept organises. It's key to note that these events are conducted by the best of the best in the Indian startup ecosystem. Absolutely worth it.

Why would you recommend other startups to be a part of UIncept?
Yes, Iā€™d tell them to do it for two things:

- Help and guidance on what to do and what not to do
- To get access to the best people who actually care and are easy to approach, which is very important.

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