It takes a lot of courage and commitment to build a startup, and we strongly believe in ideas that can change the world. As we see startups grow and reach new heights in our acceleration programs, we are taking the opportunity to interview them and gain an insight into what drives them. 


Today, we are in conversation with Saurabh Mangrulkar, the founder of ‘EventBeep’. (Accelerated by UIncept in the 2019 cohort.)


What is EventBeep all about?

EventBeep is a platform for events for students. This includes events like concerts, conferences, workshops, and much more. The platform was created to allow the students to find learning opportunities beyond their colleges and beyond their cities.

With EventBeep, students can participate in events across the country. Not just this, Eventbeep also has internship opportunities, courses, peer and teacher interaction, and general administration such as attendance, class schedules etc. 

EventBeep basically digitises the college experience for students so that they can make the most of their college lives.


How did EventBeep come into existence? 

We were a group of friends back in college who wanted to integrate events into the daily lives of college students. We believe college life is a big event in itself and to make the most of it, students need to have that exposure and experience of different kinds to help them grow beyond their horizons. 

We’re trying to build a community that is integrated online but also exists in the real world. 

We also realised how hard it is to get students to register for these events. We created a product that not only had information about all events but also streamlined the event registration basis target audiences. 


How did you get in touch with UIncept?

We saw a post on Instagram about UIncept. Once we stalked them a little and understood what they do, EventBeep felt like an ideal startup for them as their expertise fits very well with our niche. 

We applied to the acceleration cohort and our journey has been great so far.


How do you think your business model has evolved after being a part of UIncept’s acceleration program?

The acceleration program has helped us grow a lot. We can now think beyond our capabilities and the experience that comes with the mentors is unmatched. 

UIncept has helped us a lot in enhancing and growing the business plan. The quality of resources and the quality of mentorship at UIncept is of international levels. 

From business strategy to finances- UIncept has guided us through it all. This six-month accelerator program has played a huge role in our startup’s growth across all verticals.



Is there any highlight about the acceleration program that stood out for your business?

The pitching sessions and the mentor sessions were a huge help for us. The mentors come with years of knowledge and every conversation and interactive session with them was eye-opening. The pitch practising sessions were very useful for us and we’ve improved on our pitch considerably.

The best part is, that these sessions are not conducted in a rush. Everything is explained in detail and even the conversations with the mentors are great. They’re all very patient and genuinely want to help us out.


What kind of events have you been attending at UIncept?

We’ve been at UIncept for 6 months and have attended almost all of the mentor sessions, all of the pitch decks, NUMA online sessions, founder stories and so much more. 

Even though we are in the acceleration program- we attended a few of the incubation sessions because you can never be too learned to learn some more. 


Would you recommend other startups to be a part of UIncept?

I would definitely recommend our peer startups to be a part of this program. 

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Himanshu Bhalla