Skill In A Box


It takes a lot of courage and commitment to build a startup, and we strongly believe in ideas that can change the world. As we see startups grow and reach new heights in our acceleration programs, we are taking the opportunity to interview them and gain an insight into what drives them. 


Today, we are in conversation with Prateek Bhardwaj, the founder of ‘Skill in a Box’. (Accelerated by UIncept in the 2019 cohort.)


How did Skill in a Box happen and what is it about?

Skill in a Box is my second startup. Spending five years building my first Ed-Tech startup, I realised that we had spent a lot of money on infrastructure for skill training. We tried to remodel and disrupt the business in a way that people can learn skills straight out of a box. 

When we did this, we realised that the technology we were offering in terms of skilling can also be passed on to school students. We then went on to create a new category called STEM Plus where we have STEM DIY kits for learners where students can learn about IoT, Security, and Sustainability.


What do you think is the bigger problem that Skill in a Box solves for its audience? 

If you see the field of STEM, it has not witnessed a major technological shift. The students are still using their knowledge to supplement orthodox ways such as building a catapult, a train, or a basic robot of some sorts. All these things don’t add value to the learning in the current time.

With STEM Plus coming into the picture, we’re able to give the learners a DIY kit that helps them make a live and functional product with it. It adds value to the learners.


How did you get in touch with UIncept?

Last year, we saw online that UIncept was launching an acceleration program and we had applied to it. We thought our idea was a great fit with the kind of expertise and mentorship UIncept provided and we wanted to work with a team that can help us scale up.


How do you think your business model has evolved after becoming a part of the acceleration program?

When we joined UIncept, we had several ideas in our heads. The first thing that happened here was that we formally aligned our product to the markets. The second thing that helped us was that UIncept helped us streamline our channels and create a value chain around our products. 

The third thing we really leveraged at UIncept was the concept of team-building. UIncept made us realise the value of a good team. 

Is there any highlight about the acceleration program that stood out for your business?

I think that our acceleration is still benefitting us, and the catalyst effect won’t stop for a long time. We feel that being a part of UIncept, you don’t just get to address one problem of your startup, but ensure that your business grows in every aspect.

This is not just a one-time program. Its value and impact stay with you throughout. We can always leverage the UIncept platform for growth such as funding and investment, pitch preparation, fine-tuning our product, and showcasing and testing out different markets.

UIncept is a holistic business growth experience. 

What kind of events have you been attending at UIncept?

We’ve attended quite a few events at UIncept. In fact, we just had one today on product development cycles and learning product pricing strategies. It has been an interesting journey as all the events at UIncept are so insightful and have so many takeaways. 

We’ve had founder stories which have been very knowledge-enriched and have helped us overcome some of our challenges. In terms of pitches, we have had great pitch sessions with expert mentors. We went so much in detail and fine-tuned our pitch so much, I now have 67 iterations of it! 

Why would you recommend other startups to be a part of the UIncept acceleration program?

I think what UIncept gives to startups is a formal structure. It holds you accountable to your goals and growth. 

Startups lack strategy, structure, and a clear vision- and UIncept helps gain clarity in all these spheres. It helps build the foundation of success so that you can truly take your business to the next level. 

UIncept provides a platform to pivot, a platform to build, a platform to strategise and re-strategise, and mostly, a platform to take your idea and product to the next level.

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Himanshu Bhalla