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Born to carve your own niche?

If you come with an entrepreneurial bend of mind, 9 to 5 can never be your thing, and if you wish to take steps towards your calling, we’re here to guide you on the way ahead.

Our committed team of experts and specialized programs will ensure you pave the quickest and the most rewarding path to success.

Starting out on your own with a radical idea in your head? Be a part of our 11-month Incubation Program

With this program, we work with passionate individuals to turn their larger than life ideas into a working product/service. We understand that each business has its unique needs. Therefore, we customize the program to support your business idea and turn it into a scalable enterprise. Our mentors from IRF (Innovation & Research Foundation), IIMs (Indian Institute of Management), and IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) will head boot camps and sessions to cover all business aspects. The program includes an entrepreneurship course to help you get the elemental right - the legal, financial and administrative side of running a business.

Get in touch with us if you need more information and we’d be happy to help you with answers to all your queries.

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