The Dos and Don'ts of Approaching Investors


Learn what makes or breaks the meeting with your potential investors

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“Investor pitch” - these two small words are actually enough to make startups lose their sleep for days. Imagining and going over the conversations and points to present in the meeting so that you crack the account.

Sounds relatable? You should keep reading, then.

While there is always a lot of pressure on the table when it comes to reaching out to the investors if you do take the right approach, the task can become a whole lot easier and takes the stress off.

Here are certain things which will help you ace your next pitch

Approach before you are on the brink!

Don’t wait till you have built your perfect product or are about to run out of money to reach out to investors. Investors actually expect you to approach them well in advance. Make a pitch when you are in your top form with your burning idea, attractive metrics. That’s when you are in more power.

Start having conversations before you are in a need for investment

Make connections before you are in a (dire)need of investment so that when it comes down to the clock you have direct contact to reach them, rather than cold calling at a later stage. Having to know someone in person before you pitch them for investment is always more advantageous. Also, if you know them beforehand, they can extend useful feedback for your projects and future developments. And if you allow them to be a part of your process, they will be able to see your potential and your pitch with them won’t be the one that scares you awake in the middle of the night.

Direct leads are better than cold ones

Dig out possible connections, reach out to a credible friend, past investment or investing partner you already know and ask for recommendations or an introduction meeting. Connecting with a reliable source can work hugely in your favor. As people, we all like to work with individuals we trust, same is the case with investors. Investors usually get numerous queries, and one way for you to stand out is when you come from a recommendation.

So stop thinking traditionally, and start innovating. And if you still are unable to find a credible lead to reach the investors, here’s how you should go about drafting cold emails.

Have a trick that works with investors? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll feature it on our blogs.

Himanshu Bhalla