Commandments for Business: Words Entrepreneurs Live By

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Any entrepreneur worth their salt will tell you that running a business is not a smooth surf. It takes all your energy, resources, blood, sweat, soul to build something that is bigger than yourself. As a business, you are not only responsible for yourself and the profit, you also should the responsibility of the stakeholders involved - the investors, vendors your work with, your employees and your customers.

At the outset, it’s not difficult to get off-track while trying to find the ground. What’s critical is to pause, analyze your predicament, understand how you wish to run your venture and then proceed. Create some rules and learn what worked for others and then get on with your entrepreneurial journey.

We asked 4 entrepreneurs the commandments they abide by and this is what they said:

Character is your passport to collaboration. - Charushilla Narula, Founder Director & Key Mentor, University Connection

Stick to your business idea. Have conviction and roll your product in the market asap. Don’t wait for anything to come. - Gaurav Gambhir  - Founder, Zero Kaata

“It’s not done till it’s done.” Whether it’s an investment, a hire or a particular goal in the month or anything at all in business. You have to keep going at it till the last particular second. I also call that execution urgency. I feel that to build anything in life you need to have an urgency to execute. You can’t postpone things to tomorrow.  - Akshay Chaturvedi, Co-Founder & CEO, Leverage Edu

“I think its a very common advice for entrepreneurs in any sector. Instead of running after funding or investors, make sure that your client revenues are your biggest fundings.” - Utkarsh Lokesh, Co-Founder & CEO, EdTechReview

Don’t cheat anyone. Have your ethics in place. If you cheat, it will come back to you. Because in business, there is a tendency that once you scale, you become greedy. Don’t let that greed creep into your mind.  - Gaurav Gambhir, Founder, Zero Kaata

Don’t shy away from talking about money. Talk about Return on Investment. Talk about how it is going to generate and become a scalable venture for you. Very often than not, we just start off something; sometimes we are lucky with it. But you need to start talking numbers if you wish to succeed. - Charushilla Narula, Founder Director & Key Mentor, University Connection

When you are looking at the startup culture from the outside, it might look very glamorous. But the moment you get into it, you realize it’s got more number of downs than ups. If you have constant relentless focus and belief in yourself in saying that “Whatever happens, I am not giving up,” “I am going to make sure it builds into something.” So you don’t just give up. Your core idea should be “Kaise nahi hoga? Hona hi hona hai!” - Akshay Chaturvedi, Co-Founder & CEO, Leverage Edu

What commandments have worked for you till now?

Himanshu Bhalla