Meet Your Mentors: Incubation Program Part 1


After an overwhelming response to the UIncept Incubation Program, we have shortlisted some of the most promising, young, and brilliant minds in the fields of EdTech, HealthTech, Agritech, and Waste Management.

With the Program coming closer, we bring to you mentors from various sectors who will be a part of your 11-month journey to build your business and take it from pre-launch to runway by working closely on aspects like design thinking to building and managing teams and raising funds. 

Their areas of expertise range from sophisticated design study to management and scalability in products and services. This diversification allows businesses to focus on all aspects in a holistic manner- making it launch-ready. They will be available for guest lectures and mentorship on campus, and via email to guide you throughout your journey. 

Here are some of the masterminds you shall be working closely with:


Professor S. Ram Kumar
Professor S. Ram Kumar has been the visiting faculty at over 25 business schools including some of the most sought after schools in the country. He specializes in Marketing and its components including Brand Management, Creativity and Innovation, Marketing of Services and Technology to name a few.

With his diversified experience- he has run multiple workshops and programs ranging from school students to management of Middle and Large Scale enterprises including Pepsi, Indian oil, Airtel, and TATA Chemicals to name a few. His teaching methodology draws heavy inspiration from nature. He understands how critical it is to transfer knowledge from instructor to student in a way that minimizes learning fatigue. 

His interest lies in researching Brand Management, Forensic Marketing, and Customer Education. He is also a published writer in the fields of Business, Nature, and Technology. He has been a founder member of many software companies; a Nuclear Physicist and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, he has embarked on a pursuit for knowledge, while teaching along the way.

With two books to his name and almost 10 languages under his belt, he is an avid unicyclist, squash player, and a carpenter. 


Dr. Piyush K. Sinha: A Ph.D. and a faculty at IIM Ahmedabad, Dr. Piyush Kumar Sinha has over three decades of experience in the industry. He teaches Retailing and Marketing Management to the postgraduate students and also offers courses on Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior to  Ph.D. students.

Dr. Sinha has consulted multiple companies on their retail strategies, service management, marketing strategies, and marketing communication. While working with a variety of industries ranging from software to petroleum, he is carrying out research in the fields of retailing and customer management and is working with initiatives that promote social entrepreneurship. 


Rohit Swarup: Mr. Swarup has founded Xplora Design Skool and Futurz Xplored. Both these organizations provide education in the digital space to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and K12 students respectively. 

He has almost two decades of experience and has published multiple research papers across a broad spectrum of topics including Vocational Development, Creativity and Innovation, and Design Innovation for different age groups.

He holds a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and a PG diploma in Business Management. He also has a dual specialization in Marketing and HRM. 

He is a regular face on Indian National and State television programmes on digital media, design, and entrepreneurship. He is also an expert coach in design thinking and entrepreneurial innovation. 


Vijai Singh Katiyar: With over 25 years of experience in design education, Vijai Singh Katiyar has been working in Design Education, Research, Consultancy, Outreach, and Publication in a variety of roles over time. 

While serving on the board of National Design Business Incubator, he is also the Principal Designer at NID and regularly chairs education programs. He has led initiatives of setting up design programs and building institutions and works in sectors like crafts, textiles, and education in terms of strategy, growth, and branding through design. 

He is the founder of the International Center for Indian Crafts at NID.

Apart from his corporate experience, he has also worked with regional and state textiles across India. He has also anchored multiple seminars and conferences and has been awarded Visiting Research Fellowship by the University of New South Wales in Sydney. 

He is a published writer with multiple research papers and two books to his name.

The ultimate goal of bringing these mentors on board is to get startups ready to be in the real world and thrive in a competitive ecosystem. Our aim is to create an integrated approach to building businesses that are customer-oriented, investment-ready, and scalable. 

To know more about the UIncept Incubation Programme starting July 2019, click here.

Himanshu Bhalla